Located in an old jail cell in the basement of the police headquarters at 255 College Street, the mission of the Beaumont Police Museum is to preserve the rich history of our city’s law enforcement, as well as, to inform, educate and inspire present and future generations.

The Beaumont Police Museum was formally created in 2010 with the assistance of many volunteers and police officers who appreciated the value of this history. Since its inception, the museum has provided over 120 tours and hosted 1,200 visitors of all ages. The museum is extremely popular among scouting and civic groups, clubs, and schools.

The jail was first built and used in 1974 to house 44 prisoners. The repurposed space highlights 19th and 20th century photographs of the city and depicts the rich history of our police department with artifacts such as early uniforms, antique weapons and equipment, and mug shots from the 1930s.

The museum has goals to improve the experience over the next 3-5 years by adding more displays, maintaining artifacts, and continuing its search for more historical materials and relics to increase public awareness about the department’s important role in the community.

Free tours are available by appointment on weekdays. Please call Police Community Relations at (409) 880-3825 to schedule a visit.