In 2022, the Southeast Auto Theft Task Force recovered 76 stolen vehicles with a value of $1,497,230.00. Task Force investigators also recovered equipment, weapons and other properties with a combined value of $711,757.00. Overall, $2,208,987.00 in vehicles, equipment, weapons and other properties was recovered.

The Task Force investigators were assigned 2,342 cases which resulted in 111 arrests. Task Force personnel also conducted 882 VTR68(A) inspections (VIN verifications) which are part of the Vehicle Title and Registration process for vehicles and trailers. Many stolen vehicles and trailers were recovered during these inspections. Task Force investigators also conducted a large-scale investigation involving a criminal gang responsible for the theft of over 60 vehicles. That case was accepted by the US Attorney’s Office and is still currently being investigated, with at least 4 federal indictments thus far in the investigation.