The Beaumont Police Department takes great pride in being an active part of the community and really is of the opinion that it takes a village to ensure the safety and security of the community. To touch as many citizens through positive interactions as possible, they have a number of outreach opportunities regardless of your age or experience level. From Clergy Partnership Training to Citizens Police Academy, the ways to get involved with your local police department are endless.   

Citizens Police Academy     

One of the most popular programs offered by BPD is the Citizens Police Academy. A 15-week program offered twice a year in the fall and spring through a partnership with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Port Arthur Police Department is open to Jefferson County residents ages 18 and up. You’ll be given a firsthand look at Law Enforcement’s many facets and divisions, from traffic and K9s to SWAT, fraud, and firearms. Spaces are limited, so sign up onlinetoday! 

Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (CPAAA)  

 Once you graduate from the Citizens Police Academy, you can join the Alumni Association and participate in many of the events and activities on the Police Department’s behalf. You will be able to volunteer at events like the Cops and Kids programs and other community engagements. You can get an idea of what they do by checking out the Beaumont Police Department Facebook Page.   

Citizens in Actions 

After you graduate from the Citizens Police Academy, you also have the opportunity to get hands-on experience policing in the field. This may include donning uniforms, driving marked vehicles, and making it your mission to better Beaumont. Members of Citizens in Action are responsible for tasks like issuing parking citations, patrolling city parks, identifying illegally parked vehicles, and even conducting traffic radar surveys! Helping with these things allows our active-duty officers to handle more serious calls to help keep Beaumont safe. Members of the CIA meet regularly to further their training and sharpen their skills.   

Safety Training Programs  

In addition to the Citizens Police Academy and the various offshoots you can assume upon graduation, the Beaumont Police Department also offers a wide range of specialized training programs to enhance citizen safety and education. You can sign up for an officer to come host an active shooter training or a seminar on how to protect yourself when selling things online, sexual assault prevention, auto theft protection, among other topics. These free educational programs are tailored to the individual business and organization’s needs, and courses are available to anyone who requests them. Call (409) 832-7054 for more information and schedule a session.


Clergy Partnership Training (CAPP) 

The Clergy and Police Partnership is a 15-week program designed specifically for local clergy members to educate and familiarize themselves with the Beaumont Police Department’s mission, function, and overall operations to create partnerships for the greater community. The thought is that clergy can assist BPD on ride-alongs and high-stress situations such as mental health calls and domestic disputes to deescalate situations before they get out of hand. Interested clergy must apply and be selected by the Chief of Police. For more information, call (409) 880-3825 or fill out an application online. 

Neighborhood Associations  

Did you know there are 10+ active neighborhood associations in Beaumont? Each area of town has a devoted group of citizens that meet regularly to discuss topics concerning their own neighborhood to which the Beaumont Police Department and the local code enforcement officers attend. The officer liaison provides detailed information on crime stats, types of crimes committed, and tips on how to deter crime in the neighborhood. Curious which is in your area? Find your local meeting with this map or by calling (409) 880-3825.     

The programs offered by the Beaumont Police Department are designed to educate citizens and dispel myths about law enforcement. By joining any of these programs, you will get up close and personal with the daily stresses of this line of work. You’ll be sure to learn something new and will come out of the program with a different view than you had going in and can apply what you’ve learned in so many ways! The first step is to get involved, and then the rest comes naturally.