Police Officer: Applicants must be licensed as a Peace Officer in the state of Texas and the license must be current with no expirations or suspensions.

Police Cadet: Applicants must be 21 years of age (or will turn 21 years of age before the completion of the police academy). Must have a GED or High School Diploma.

Police Officer and Police Cadet applicants must pass the written and physical portions of the Job-Related Abilities Test (JRAT)

The BPD provides many benefits to its officers, such as:
Specialized Units
Career Advancement Opportunities
Modern Training Programs
Cutting Edge Equipment
Competitive Pay
10 hour shifts (4 days on 3 off)
Paid vacations, holidays, & sick leave
Health, dental, vision, & life insurance
TMRS Retirement Plan


THE APPLICATION Once the job posting is published for the position of Police Officer or Police Cadet, the applicant may fill out an online application. To apply in person, go to The City of Beaumont Personnel & Benefits Department (located in the City Hall building, suite #135).

JOB-RELATED ABILITIES TEST (JRAT) Applicants will be notified by using the contact information that was provided on the online application for the scheduling of the JRAT. The JRAT consists of written and physical testing. The physical testing includes an obstacle course, handcuffing exercise, victim rescue, weapons test, vehicle push, and tire change. The written exam is multiple choice and covers reading comprehension, grammar and syntax, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, arithmetic, and differential decision making. A writing exercise will also be completed.

COMPLETE BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION The objective of the background investigation is to verify that the applicant is of good moral character must be able to render credible testimony and to determine the integrity, honesty, and truthfulness of the applicant.

POLYGRAPH Used to detect deception or dishonesty of an applicant.

ORAL INTERVIEW The applicant is asked a series of oral questions by a board comprised of Beaumont Police Officers.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION Applicants selected for employment will be required to take a medical/physical exam in order to determine the individual’s health in relation to his ability to perform tasks which a patrol officer may be required to perform. This is a COMPLETE examination including but not limited to chest X-rays, EKG, and EEG. The vision test required must show the vision correctable to 20/20 in each eye. A drug screening test is also required. The physical examination is not limited to these examples.

PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING Written and oral tests are administered by a licensed psychologist. The evaluation is designed to identify and reject those applicants who are emotionally unfit for the position of Police Officer. Psychological exams are also given to those applicants who are licensed but have not been commissioned within 180 days from the date of employment.

The job of a Police Officer requires a certain degree of physical strength, stamina, speed, and power, which are necessary to complete many of the critical and essential physical job functions. As such, the Pre-Employment Physical Ability Test is geared toward measuring whether or not the applicant is fit for duty as a police officer and/or his or her ability to train in physical fitness as a police cadet while attending the police academy. All Testing will be conducted at the Beaumont Police Department Gun Range. 

Map to Gun Range 

Click the following link and either fill out the packet on your desktop and print or print (not double sided) and complete by hand (please print legibly): 

Personal History Statement 

The Personal History Statement will be used in the background investigation that will determine your eligibility for employment as a peace officer with the City of Beaumont. 

  • Read the instructions fully and carefully before completing the book. 
  • A typed packet is preferred.  If this is not possible, legibly and neatly complete the packet in print (not cursive) using black ink. 
  • If you need additional space for your answers, please make an additional copy of the exact page to complete the requested information. 
  • If you are waiting for documents to submit, please make a notation of this on a separate sheet of paper when you submit your packet. 
  • If you are unable to print out the Personal History Statement, you may come to the Personnel Office located at City Hall, Personnel Department, Room 135, and pick up a copy. 
  • Bring your completed Personal History Statement Packet with you to JRAT testing. 

Written Exam Description 

The exam is multiple choice and covers reading comprehension, grammar and syntax, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, arithmetic, and differential decision making.  A writing exercise will also be completed.  Time limit:  Two and a half (2.5) hours.  You must score a 70 or higher on the multiple-choice portion of the exam in order to move forward to the physical portion of the testing. 

Job-Related Abilities Test (JRAT) Description 

The Physical Ability Test will consist of six events. Each event will be scored pass or fail, and applicants must pass all of the events to pass the JRAT. Testing standards will be the same for female and male applicants as are the physical demands of the job. Applicants will be given the test in the below-listed sequence. 


The administrators of the test have full discretion in determining whether or not an applicant has successfully completed the test. 

Event #1 Obstacle Course – This event is approximately 900 ft. in distance. The course requires running, climbing, ducking, and jumping obstacles within (2) two minutes or less. 

Event #2 Handcuffing This event requires locking and double locking the handcuffs.  The applicant will lock, double lock, then unlock, the handcuffs within (1) one minute or less. 

Event #3 Victim Rescue – This event requires lifting and dragging a 180 lbs. training dummy approximately 50 ft. within (1) minute or less. 

Event #4 Weapons Test – The test consists of twelve (12) trigger pulls with each hand within 30 seconds or less. 

Event #5 Vehicle Push – This event requires pushing a standard size patrol vehicle a distance of approximately ten (10) feet on a paved, level surface with the transmission in neutral gear within (1) minute or less. 

Event #6 Tire Change – This event requires physically removing a spare tire from the rear compartment of the patrol vehicle and placing it on the side of the rear wheel of the patrol vehicle, then placing the same tire back into the patrol vehicle’s rear compartment area within (1) one minute or less. 

Every event will be pass or fail in the time allotted.  Every event must be passed to continue in the hiring process.  Each event will be demonstrated before attempted by the applicants.  If an applicant fails an event and wishes a second attempt, the second attempt will be attempted before continuing to the next event. 

The administrators of the test have full discretion in determining whether or not an applicant has successfully completed the test. 

Any applicant wishing to withdraw from the testing should notify any test administrator. 

Applicants will be afforded a second attempt on all events.