The Beaumont Police Department’s Cops & Kids Program is designed around the idea of teaching children that law enforcement officers are friends and protectors. Our goals are these:

  • To be proactive in cultivating positive relationships to shape Beaumont’s future
  • Build trust between Beaumont’s youth and its Police Officers
  • Educate children about personal safety and crime prevention
  • Promote leadership, ethics and civic duty
  • Encourage youth to consider law enforcement as a profession
  • Build partnerships with other community organizations serving youth

“Unfortunately, far too many children are involved with police only when things go terribly wrong in the world around them…their parents are in trouble, their friends are in trouble, or they are in trouble. I’m so proud of our Cops & Kids programs because they give children a chance to see cops at work in friendly and unthreatening environments. We want children to know that a police officer is their friend and protector.”
-Beaumont Police Chief James Singletary