The records unit of the Beaumont Police Department processes, files and maintains all police reports received by the department. In addition, the records unit files accident reports and the Uniform Crime Report with the State of Texas. The unit is responsible for serving citizens in several different ways.

The Texas Open Records Act provides a mechanism whereby individuals may apply to a governmental body for certain categories of public information. Public information is available during normal business hours of the governmental body. The Open Records Act exempts certain categories of information from release based on statutory provisions. A person desiring information shall submit a written request to the governmental agency in possession of the information detailing the specific nature of the information sought, i.e., dates, locations, specific events and documents, etc.
The governmental body to whom the request is submitted shall review the request to determine if the information is available under the act. If the information is available, the governmental body may charge the person for the information or if the request for information is voluminous, the governmental body may require a deposit before searching for or producing documents.

The Beaumont Police Department will ONLY ACCEPT WRITTEN REQUESTS for documents. Form(s) are available at the Records Management Unit located in the police department lobby at 255 College. These form(s) also are available below via pdf format.

Accident Report Request Form
Offense Report Request Form

Or, a request may be made via e-mail, fax (409-880-1010) or letter as long as the correspondence contains all the requested information on the form(s). ALL requests MUST have a contact telephone number in the event Records Management personnel have a question that must be answered before the request can be fulfilled. No requested information will be released to the requesting party until payment is received. Records Management ONLY accepts cash, check or money order (no cash by mail). Once payment is received, the requested information can be picked up in person by the requesting party or it can be faxed or mailed depending on the requestor’s preference and size of the response. Please review fax fees below. The final cost for the requested information should be confirmed by contacting the Records Management Unit prior to mailing payment.