The City Ordinance of December 7, 2010, established the Community Advisory Committee, comprising 15 citizens appointed by the mayor and city council. The committee’s primary objective is to foster citizen comprehension, communication, and collaboration between the police department and the community. This committee convenes on a monthly basis and serves in an advisory capacity to the Chief of Police.

Key roles and responsibilities of the committee encompass:

  1. Assisting the police department in gaining a deeper understanding of intricate police-community matters.
  2. Investigating, assessing, and proposing methods to cultivate an active partnership between citizens and law enforcement for crime prevention.
  3. Advocating for cooperative citizen-police initiatives to address community crime issues and police-community concerns.
  4. Making recommendations for policies, programs, or legislation that promote collaboration between citizens and the police department.
  5. Receiving updates on police department programs, services, and operations.
  6. Serving as a liaison between the community and the police department regarding committee-related issues.
  7. Engaging in meaningful dialogue and offering valuable insights related to the committee’s goals.
  8. Undertaking additional tasks or duties to facilitate the achievement of the committee’s objectives.

For additional information about the Community Advisory Committee, please contact the Police Department Administrative Office at (409) 880-3801.