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The Police/Community Relations Unit serves as the center for media and public communications, volunteer and community participation programs, neighborhood association liaison, and coordination of the Crime Stoppers Program. All requests for public programs at schools, businesses, civic organizations, etc. should be directed to this office. This unit disseminates press releases and other department information, and conducts interviews with the news media. Additionally, they act as the Public Information Office for the City of Beaumont during disasters and other emergencies.

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The Police Community Relations unit coordinates the training program for the Clergy and Police Partnership (CAPP). The CAPP Academy is a fifteen week program held one day each week and designed to educate and familiarize local clergy members in the organization, function, mission, and operations of the police department. This program utilizes interested local clergy as partners to assist the Beaumont Police Department in meeting needs in this community. Graduates of this program participate as ride-along support with patrol officers assisting as needed in situations where officers are unable or not trained to provide assistance. Interested clergy must apply and be selected by the Chief of Police to participate. For more information or schedules call 409.880.3825.

There are two police officer associations within the Beaumont Police Department. The majority of the department’s officers belong to both associations. Each association has a different function and serves different needs of the officer members. At least once a year each association conducts a fund raiser. It is suggested that those citizens who wish to support Beaumont police officers through monetary contributions donate to one or both of these associations. Before donating any money or item to someone who says he/she is representing the Beaumont Police Department, citizens are urged to call the department’s Police Community Relations Unit at 409-880-3825 and confirm the validity of the solicitation.

The Police Community Relations unit coordinates the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association. The Alumni is open to graduates of the Citizen’s Police Academy. Its members volunteer and provide manpower for several police events throughout the year.

The Police Community Relations Unit coordinates the Beaumont Police Explorer Post #730. The Beaumont Police Dept. organized their Law Enforcement Explorer Post, to give young men and women in our community an opportunity to get personally involved in public service. The Beaumont Police Explorers strive to better the relations between the youth, the community, and Law Enforcement, as well as acquainting them with the goals and objectives of the Police Department. The Explorers also promotes interest and provides training to those who desire a law enforcement career. Explorer Youth Application

The Police Community Relations unit coordinates the Citizens Police Academy training program and liaisons with the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association. The Citizens Police Academy is a fifteen week training program held one evening each week and offered at no cost to citizens of Jefferson County who are at least 18 years of age. The purpose of the program is to educate and expose community members to the operations of the participating law enforcement agencies. The program is held two times each year and participants must apply during enrollment periods to be registered to participate. For more information or schedules call 409.880.3825. Citizens Police Academy Application

Information on active criminal investigations is gathered and disseminated to the public through local media outlets. Information on these investigations is then collected through telephone and text messaging and is utilized by department investigators to assist in solving crimes. If you would like to request a public program or if you would like to be a participant in any of our programs, please call 880-3825 or 880-3802.

Fourteen neighborhood associations currently meet on a monthly basis throughout the city. The Police Community Relations Unit coordinates the neighborhood associations current meets. Each association has a monthly meetings, officers receive information from citizens, and also conduct presentations on current crime issues for that specific area. For more information or schedules call 409.880.3825.

Citizens in Action is a program designed to allow volunteers to write handicap parking citations, patrol city parks, identify illegally stored vehicles, and conduct traffic radar surveys. Participants wear unique uniforms and drive distinctly marked vehicles. Attendance in the Citizens Police Academy is a pre-requisite to becoming a Citizens in Action volunteer. They are responsible for disseminating information to and interacting with the public on behalf of the police department. They also meet regularly to further their training. For more information call 409.880.3825.

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